Conductor Search 2020

Conductor Search Initiated

The Mendelssohn Club of Albany has initiated a search for a new conductor to lead the chorus for the 2020-2021 season beginning on June 1, 2020. The club's longtime conductor, Jeffrey Vredenburg, will retire after 21 years of service (1989 - 2001 and 2009 - 2020) following the club's annual spring concert in May of 2020.

A Capital Region tradition since 1909, the 60 voice male chourus is the area's longest continually performing arts group. The club performs annual subscription concert in December and May, but also sings in many other venues for various civic and charitable organizations. We perform a wide range of chorus literature from around the world, singing mostly in English, but also German, Italian, Spanish, Latin, etc. Music selections are either a capella or accompanied by piano and sometimes other instruments. A guest artist or group is engaged for each subscription concert and the club may perform selections with the guests(s).

The conductor serves as the musical leader of the club. In that capacity, the conductor will be responsible for conducting all rehearsals and scheduled concerts, participating in the selection of repertoire, and preparing the chorus to perform a full range of male choral music from around the world at a high level.

Club Organization

The club is governed by an elected Board of Directors comprised of four officers and nine other directors. The officers and board contract for the services of the conductor, accompanist, assistant conductor, librarian and concert coordinator and the salaries are reviewed annually. Much of the club's work is done by standing committees. For example, a Music Committee, which includes the conductor, selects concert themes and programs for the upcoming season. The club's year consists of two semesters running from early September to mid-December and early January to mid-May. Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings.

Experience and Qualifications

  1. Conducting Abilities and Experience
    • 5 - 10 years of conducting experience with formal training.
    • Experience leading musical organizations, preferably vocal.
    • Ability to clearly communicate tempo and style as appropriate with each piece of selected music.
  2. Musical Knowledge
    • Knowledge of diverse musical repertoire with particular emphasis on male choral literature.
    • Ability to interpret repertoire.
  3. Teaching Capacities
    • Ability to effectively motivate and lead an adult male chorus from initial rehearsal to final performance.
    • Knowledge of the adult male voice from post-adolescence to senior citizen.
    • Ability to clearly communicate musical vision to a chorus with a wide variety of musical knowledge, talent, vocal ability and experience.
  4. Program Development
    • Effectively assess the club's skills and apply this assessment to musical selection.
    • Be able to balance literature to ensure that the club enjoys the selection, but also challenges the club to continue musical growth.
    • Works with the Club's Music Committee to develop programs that complement guest artists, but focus attention on the club.
    • Understand position within the Capital District arts community and respect the tradition and style of the club.
    • Audition potential members for acceptance into the club.
  5. Commitment

    It takes time for a conductor and a chorus to bond and begin to understand one another. Therefore we expect that a prospective conductor is in it for the long haul.


The chair of the search committee is William Carmello. If you have questions, you may call him at or send him email at . To apply for the position, please email him your resume or by post to the following address:

William Carmello
6 Holly Lane
Latham, NY 12110