Mendelssohn Club Performances

Brothers Sing On!, one of our favorite songs, which most of us have memorized, is by Edvard Grieg. It expresses the joy and fellowship of singing.

This is from our CD of the 2011 Holiday Concert. It is the spiritual Glory Hallelu! by Don Besig. The peformance was directed by Jeff Vredenburg and accompanied by Michael Clement. The soloists are Bill Carmello and Richard Hartnett.

From a performance recorded at Union College Memorial Chapel, Schenectady, NY on December 15, 2002. This is a Ralph Vaughan Williams arrangement of God Rest You Merry Gentleman. Victor Klimash directed the club for this performance.

This is the Ave maria of Tomás Luis de Victoria. It was performed by the club at our 2001 Holiday Concert at The Egg. We were directed by Victor Klimash and the tenor soloist at the beginning is Saul Morse.