The Club sponsors an "afterglow" immediately following each formal concert at a local restaurant or hall to wind down from the concert and its preparations. Members often invite concert attendees to the afterglow where additional entertainment is usually provided. Over the years, it has been traditional for members to gather at a local emporium for libation and fellowship, including song, following each rehearsal.

Annual Outing

Since the beginning of Mendelssohnian time, the Club has presented members with an annual outing. The Outing is a day-long event with lunch, snacks, beer, dinner, and a generous portion of music. The main ingredient, however, is camaraderie. Sporting events are often organized during the day; even golf is available for those willing to start early in the morning. Since Mendelssohn is a club for male voices, the Outing is open to males only, including male family members and friends. Many sons of members plan annual family visits just to attend the Outing. The Outing is the Club's way of thanking its members for the past season's activities and community services. Former members are also invited and frequently attend to renew old friendships.